Stira Pharma specializes in the development of complex generic products (Solid orals, Topicals, Transdermal and Injectables).

At Stira Pharmaceuticals, a team of highly skilled and experienced scientists are developing challenging products using in-house technology platforms, technical know-how and in-depth prior experience. Stira Pharma is constantly seeking partnerships with companies to develop a portfolio of challenging and exciting projects.
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Analytical R & D

Our dedicated team of scientists have their core training in the area of preformulation and have expertise in the complete pharmaceutical profiling of molecules.

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Product Development

Core strengths of Stira Pharmaceuticals are:Topicals Delivery Systems (Creams, Ointments, Gels and Foams), Transdermal Delivery Systems, 

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In Vitro Permeability Testing (IVPT)

Stira Pharmaceuticals provides every engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance operations necessary to create product prototypes, conduct pilot manufacturing, and sustain full-scale clinical and commercial production.

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Extractables and Leachables

Stira Pharma represents international and US companies as their designated US/Regulatory Agent. We interact with FDA on our clients’ behalf and provide regulatory support.

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